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Real Estate Malaysia

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Beautiful beach fronted property2.000.000 $
 Total surface 590 m2 | Number of rooms 11
International Real Estate Malaysia
International Real Estate for Sale Luxury Real Estate
Malaysia Labuan Labuan
Beautiful beach fronted property
Land: 43,560 sq ft (1 acre) Built Up Area: 5900sq ft Leasehold: 912 years Beautiful beach fronted 5-bedroom west-facing villa with a 50ft X 20ft X 3ft 6” to 9ft deep saltwater pool that maintains a cool water temperature, uninterrupted sea views, direct beach access and tranquil tropical outdoor space which includes a pool terrace / garden BBQ. A large ground floor patio and 1st floor balcony area, with ambient nighttime temperature above 26C, both areas are well suited to alfresco dining. Newly crafted in a colonial style with a modern fini...
by Owner (FSBO) Mr. David Reeves

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