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Island of Krk - The Golden Island, The jewel of the Adriatic Sea
Real Estate Market CroatiaBetween the 1185 islands in Croatia only one is golden, Insula Aurea - Islad of Krk. Settled in the center of the Kvarner bay, it is recognized as one of the most attractive touristic destinations. The mild Mediterranean climate, favorable geographic position and diversity of natural and cultural beauty of it, even in the antique gave him the name "The Golden Island". Cultural heritage has given it another name - The cradle of the Croatian culture. The coast is 190 km long, it also has several small islands, the largest Plavnik has 17km coastline, and the smallest Skoljic has only 400m coastline. It has unusually diverse landscape, climbing from the northwest towards southeast-from pictorial bays through the fertile fields and dense forests with sub-Mediterranean vegetation to bare karst areas and real mountain scenery. Discover our Island, no matter which, literally all roads lead to Krk, weather by land across the Krk bridge, boat via various ports, or via plane, You will testify that the Golden Island is characterized by a unity of diversity, a combination of the present and the past, legend and reality.

THE ISLAND OF KRK in the Kvarner archipelago, with its 409 square meters is the biggest island in the Adriatic Sea. Due to its beauties, diversities, position, calm climate, exceptional history, culinary art, culture and tradition, where every little town has its own incredible curiosities, the island of Krk fascinates in all aspects.

There, on the island you can freshen and indulge with an excellent offer of food and drinks or you can enjoy in roaming stone squares, piers and lanes, marked hiking walks through forests, on karst and along seaside with beautiful wild beaches, beach resorts and indented coast. The undersea around the island of Krk is extremely various and rich in fish and sea organisms.

The nautical tourism is also developed on the island and there are some of the most beautiful and safe marinas at the Adriatic Sea. Marina Punat, which is only 7 kilometers form the town of Krk, is the most arranged the safest and the biggest. During summer the island becomes the best-arranged destination at the Adriatic Sea, where everybody can find a rest according his/her desire.

Stay at the island of Krk has numerous advantages due to fast access thanks to an excellent road connection and the bridge, which connects the island with the continent, ship and international air traffic. Thus the island of Krk becomes easily and fast accessible oasis. From the island of Krk you can also visit the neighboring islands Rab, Cres and Losinj by ferry boat any time.

Roaming around the little town with imposing protective towers and walls of the town of Krk, in front of which many battles took place, even between the Caesar's and Pompey's fleet, can soon become an antique and medieval adventure. Besides architectural and historical beauties and the sea, which makes walks romantic, there are also excellent culinary specialties, sports activities and jewels of nature for an unforgettable experience- The island of Krk is attractive for all generations.

The Island of Krk merges tradition and nature and unites people. In the Island of Krk you will finally be able to enjoy in magic harmony of intimacy and community life. Have you ever dreamed of azure sea and islands far away from noisy traffic and obligations or of a fresh sea air and scent of herbs instead of city smog streets? Have your dreams come true and ensure your place under the Sun with a perfect rest in the Island of Krk.

Due to easy accessibility of the islands of Krk, ever time you wish a rest, the island will soon hold you with desired tranquility and various relaxing activities like swimming, sailing, fishing, hunting, walking, cycling ... or indulge you with lying in the sun on a beach, enjoying in culinary specialties, romantic walks along the beach or careless parties in warm summer nights. Due to mild, climate, clean sea air and the scent of the Mediterranean plants ethereal oils, the Island of Krk is a pleasant to live during the whole year.
posted by Aurea Immobilie
on March 02, 2012

     Island of Krk - The Golden Island, The jewel of the Adriatic Sea  Island of Krk - The Golden Island, The jewel of the Adriatic Sea  
 Aurea ImmobilieReal Estate Agents in Croatia Primorje-Gorski kotar Krk
Real Estate Agents Croatia
AUREA IMMOBILIE a real estate agency, offers holiday apartments, family homes and building plots. The agency covers the purchase and sale of real estate exclusively on the Island of Krk. Besides the purchase and sale activities, Aurea Immobilie also...
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