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1. Portal agrees to provide the client with access to its ads service in accordance with the conditions described herein.

2. The client agrees to pay for the classified ads service in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated and accepted on the subscription page. There is no limit on the number of ads that can be posted. Portal , does, however, reserve the right to limit any user that may impede the site from normal operations.

3. Portal may, at any time and at its sole discretion, interrupt access to the classified ads service and cancel a clientís registration in the event that the client does not make the agreed upon payments in accordance with the terms and conditions described on the subscription page or does not respect one or more of the terms and conditions in the present agreement, all without reimbursement of any amount paid in advance by the client.

4. Subject to the terms and conditions specified in paragraph 3 of the present agreement, the client and/or Portal may terminate the present agreement at any time upon providing five (5) daysí written notice. In the event that Portal cancels a clientís registration before the expiry date, only the fees paid in advance by the client are refundable for the portion of the publication period that has not been used.

5. Portal may, without liability, interrupt its classified ads service for technical reasons or for maintenance purposes. Should the interruption last for more than one hour but less than 24 hours, Portal shall ensure that the registration period for classified ads in progress is extended by 24 hours. For any interruption of more than 24 hours but less than 48 hours, Portal shall ensure that the registration period for the classified ads in progress is extended by an additional 24 hours, unless the client has withdrawn his ad under the terms of section 11 described herein.

6. Portal cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect losses caused by a technical breakdown resulting in a service interruption for whatever cause. In the event of an interruption of service lasting more than 48 hours, for which the cause is Portalís responsibility, this responsibility would be limited to i) the reimbursement of registration fees paid by the client based on with the unused publication period if service has not been re established, or ii) an extension of the registration period for the classified ads in progress for a period that is at least equivalent to the duration of the interruption.

7. The rates for the classified ads service stipulated on the subscription page are subject to change upon written notice (by e-mail or otherwise) being provided to the client and shall apply to any subsequent classified ads placed by the client.

8. The client has access to the present classified ads service using a password. The client must keep this password confidential and change it as soon as possible if he believes that it has been compromised. The client is responsible for any service provided by Portal following the use of his password.

9. The client releases Portal of any liability with respect to the content of any classified ad placed. The client assumes all responsibility with respect to the transactions resulting from his placing a classified ad, and under the terms of this agreement, he agrees and commits not to infringe any laws or regulations applicable to such transaction. Without limiting the general nature of the foregoing, the client agrees to hold Portal safe and harmless from any responsibility regarding the conclusion of any transaction performed by the client in connection with his classified ads. Moreover, the client declares that all goods offered for sale or lease in any classified ad are under his absolute ownership and/or that he has the appropriate authorization to sell or lease the goods.

10. The client agrees not to place an ad offering goods or services that might affect negatively the perception or credibility of the site and/or the services offered by Portal to its other clients. Portal shall be the sole judge of the acceptable character of any classified ad and may immediately, at its sole discretion, cancel any of the clientís classified ads that it deems inappropriate and put an immediate end to the present agreement.

11. The client recognizes that Portal is not an intermediary between the client and potential buyers and/or lessees. Portalís role is limited to allowing the client to place his classified ads in accordance with the terms stipulated on the subscription page and to provide access to its Internet site to the various users who wish to consult it. Portal does not assume any liability with respect to the solvency, willingness or capacity of potential buyers or lessees to pursue any transaction. The client undertakes at his own risk any transaction resulting from the consultation of the Portal Internet site by a user.

12. The client declares being an adult and acting on his own behalf or with the authorization allowing him to proceed with placing classified ads for goods and services. Along with the classified ad, the client shall provide a valid e mail address and personal or professional information. The client agrees to respond promptly to requests for information from users who have consulted his classified ad. The client also agrees to act with due diligence and in good faith in respect of the transactions resulting from his use of the classified ads service. Should the goods or services offered by the client in a classified ad no longer be available, he agrees to remove the classified ad in question from the Portal site.

13. The client shall ensure that any classified ads he places on the site indeed offer the goods or services specifically described therein and agrees not to place general ads with the intent of directing users to his retail Internet site or to his business. No classified ads shall include a specific reference or a link to another Internet site, other than the clients company internet site agreed upon with the client.

14. The client agrees to ensure that his classified ads on the site do not include any elements that may violate the rights of any person or constitute a depreciation of the goods or services of other persons.

15. The client shall make appropriate use of Portalís banner ad service and shall refrain from taking any action that might affect or undermine the integrity or functionality of the Portal Internet site.

16. In the event that a user makes a claim or takes action against Portal in connection with a classified ad placed by the client or a transaction resulting from such ad, the client agrees to hold Portal safe and harmless and to side and protect the interest of Portal or any company associated with Portal as well as their employees and employers in respect of any such claim or action.

17. With the exception of services rendered under the terms of this agreement, Portal shall maintain the confidentiality of all information obtained from the client. It shall not distribute or allow third parties to use the e mail addresses of its clients or any other information it may receive. Also, a cookie shall be installed on the clientís computer at registration; keeping this cookie on the clientís computer is necessary in order to store the preferences of each client and allow for rapid identification of the service user. Portal shall not use the cookie or allow it to be used for purposes other than those stipulated in the present service agreement.

Published on: 2008-02-01

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